Monday, 30 January 2012

How To Use Curves In Photoscape


The curves are:
Curves are file types that work with the channel RGB {red, green and blue} photos. From this quality, the curves are able to create effects for your photos.

You have to download the curves from the site given and they are always in Zip file just unzipped it and keep in a folder
The curves are already installed, now let's learn how to use them.

How to use:
O1. Open your PhotoScape, click "Editor", stay on the ward "Start" and open a photo.
O2. Click "Bright,Color> Color Curve".
O3. A small window will open, click on "Load (curve)" and then another window will appear, open the curves you have installed. Select the curve you want to use, and then click "OK".

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  1. how do i unzip and keep it in a folder??? plz help i cant!!!